Sunday, July 6, 2008


While Febrezing the mattress, I remembered that we have a thingee of incense we haven't burned in ages. I lit up a lemon incense stick, and I am now watching the smoke curl its way up to the kitchen cieling. The incense smells an awful lot like pot, which cracks me up. That's probably because it's the closest I'll ever come to trying it, and that makes me feel like a badass. I am also watching two pillows meander their way through a leisurely, regular wash. The washing machine sounds like it doesn't know what hit it. I may only throw one pillow in there the next time.

The epitome of my day-to-day adulthood: getting excited about what the laundry looks like in the washing machine. If my sixteen-year-old self could see me now, I'm pretty sure she would hide her face in embarrassment.

Sixteen-year-old self: "WHAT? You mean you don't wear Hard Candy nail polish and shop at Urban Outfitters and live in a Cambridge loft with your brooding, emaciated, angsty lover and your purebred Siamese cat?"
Twenty-eight-year-old self: "No, but the mattress smells really great."
TEYOS: "That's up for debate. Do they still make Hard Candy nail polish? Oh, and I chopped all my hair off."
SYOS: *flounce*
TEYOS: "Wait! I need to tell you that you should try doing yoga and keeping better track of your bank balance! Oh, dammit."


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